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Welcome to Delian (China), a high quality high tensile steel wire manufacturing company based in North China. We offer galvanized steel wire, hot dipped galvanized wire, high carbon steel wire, spring wire, prestressed pc wire, hose reinforcement wire and full range of steel wire with high tensile strength, for export in big quantity.

Our key products include:
  1. High Tensile Wire
  2. High Carbon Steel Wire
  3. High Tensile Spring Wire
  4. Prestressed PC Wire
  5. High Tensile Steel Wire for Hose Reinforcement
  6. Hot Dipped High Tensile Steel Wire
  7. Galvanized Steel High Tensile Wire
  8. Other Industrial Wires including piano wire, smooth wire, coil wire, brass coated wire, tie wire, fence wire, baling wire, zinc coated wire, spool wire and much more.

Our high tensile steel wire is popularly used in construction reinforcement, hose reinforcement, piano wire, spring mattress manufacture and etc. We provide a very competitive pricing structure and quality of service to our customers.

If you feel that we are able to offer your business the service you deserve then please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to import high quality high tensile wire for various industrial uses from us.

 products list
 High Tensile Wire
 High Carbon Steel Wire
 High Tensile Spring Wire
 Prestressed PC Wire
 High Tensile Steel Wire
      for Hose Reinforcement
 High Tensile Fence
 High Tensile Field Fence
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