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 Products list

 High Tensile Wire
 High Carbon Steel Wire
 High Tensile Spring Wire
 Prestressed PC Wire
 High Tensile Steel Wire
   for Hose Reinforcement
 High Tensile Fence
 High Tensile Field Fence
 Quick Link Bale Ties
 Hot Dipped Steel Wire
 Galvanized Steel Wire
 Indented High Tensile
         Steel Wire      
 High Tensile Flux Cored Wire
 Copper Clad Steel Wire
 Steel Wire Brush
 Brass Coated Steel Wire Cord
 Hose Wire
 Spring Wire
 Zinc Plated Wire
 Spool Wire
 Piano Wire
 Planted Twisted Wire
 Loop Tie Wire
 Smooth Wire
 Rebar Tie Wire
 High Tensile Fence Wire
 Black Wire
 Redrawing Flat Wire
 Tie Wire
 Baling Wire

 Baling Wire

From baling wire in all forms to galvanized, straight and cut, and steel strapping, we make and ship reliable, economical bale wire. We also make a respectable bale tie, including double and single loop bale ties.

We supply and export bale wire in the following major forms:
1. Pre cut & looped for use with manual tie 'mill size' baling presses
2. Rewound coils (40 kg) for use with fully automatic units
3. Formers - up to 1 tonne in size, suitable for large volume users

Coil Baling Wire:
We offer a wide range of forms for wires, typically coil wire, reel wire, big package wire ( a single wire coiled into a big package with a maximum weight of 500kg), cut wire and U type wire.

Materials of Coil Wire: Galvanized wire, iron wire, carbon steel wire, etc.
Different coil weight can be supplied for coils.

Baling Wire Materials:
We can provide wire tie of different materials.

Wire tie material assortment: Galvanized iron wire; Hot-dipped galvanized wire; PVC coated iron wire; Annealed wire.

Forms of supply include loop tie wire, rebar tie wire and coil tie wire.




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