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 Products list

 High Tensile Wire
 High Carbon Steel Wire
 High Tensile Spring Wire
 Prestressed PC Wire
 High Tensile Steel Wire
   for Hose Reinforcement
 High Tensile Fence
 High Tensile Field Fence
 Quick Link Bale Ties
 Hot Dipped Steel Wire
 Galvanized Steel Wire
 Indented High Tensile
         Steel Wire      
 High Tensile Flux Cored Wire
 Copper Clad Steel Wire
 Steel Wire Brush
 Brass Coated Steel Wire Cord
 Hose Wire
 Spring Wire
 Zinc Plated Wire
 Spool Wire
 Piano Wire
 Planted Twisted Wire
 Loop Tie Wire
 Smooth Wire
 Rebar Tie Wire
 High Tensile Fence Wire
 Black Wire
 Redrawing Flat Wire
 Tie Wire
 Baling Wire

 Quick Link Bale Ties

The dimensions of our bale ties are in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The range of diameters can vary from 2.00 mm to 4.00 mm. The length can vary from 150 mm to 4,000 mm.

. Main application:
Quick link bale ties for packaging all types of expanding fibrous material cotton, synthetic fibre, wool etc.
Suitable for hand tying & automated systems.
. Steel wire quality:
High carbon steel acc. to DIN 17223 or as per clients specifications.
. Diameter range of   steel wire:
2,00 to 4,00 mm
. Surface:
Galvanized (hot-dip) or phosphated (uncoated)
. Zinc coat:
- Commercial acc. to DIN 1548
- Class A acc. to ASTM B498M-83.
. Wire tensile   strength:
1500 to 1770 N/mm² - or as per client request.
. Elongation:
at I = sd: 5 to 8% mini
. Breaking Load at   loop:
975 to 1050 kg mini
. Quicklink shape &   dimensions:
values as per clients specifications.
. Packaging:
Within lengthwise bundles. Each bundle contains 200 pcs, well wrapped & protected.






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